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Annual Library Day celebrated on 18th July 2019


AWIC organized an annual Library Day celebration on 18th July 2019 in Gandhi Peace Foundation, Delhi. Children from several libraries came with their librarians to attend the programme. The venue generated interest among them as photographs from the life of Gandhiji were displayed all around.


The chief guest on the occasion was Ms Madhu Pant, an eminent writer and AWIC member with much experience in the field of writing for children. She spoke about the need for creative thinking and encouraged the children to think imaginatively.


Activities had been planned to interest children. They participated enthusiastically in: writing a story based on a picture, explaining and using idioms, narrating funny stories and drawing pictures. The judges took their job seriously and judged the events to everyone’s satisfaction. At the end the children were given snacks. The Library Day was thus duly observed to keep love for reading alive.

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