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  SCVS (Servo)
  (Off-line UPS) E-Series UPS | Pro-Series UPS


Automatic emergency backup power available in the event of power failure. provides regulated output for a wide range of input voltage variations. Full time protection against AC line surge, spike, noise and interference. Provides protection against lighting strikes entering the system through modem lines. Optional RS232 port provides secure, automatic unattended system shutdown.
  Model No. Pro 612 Pro 624 Pro 1024
  Capacity 600VA 600VA 1000VA
 (Mains operation)
AVR Window Range 150V - 265V
Frequency 50 Hz ± 5%
  (on Battery)
Voltage (on Batt.) 220-240V AC rms(nom)
Transfer Time 3m sec.
Waveform Step Wave
Efficiency >83%
Power Factor 0.6 lag to unity
  Protection Surge Protection R.F.I.,Spike & Surge
Input Fuse Fuse protection
Short Circuit Electronic Shutdown
Modem protection RJ-11 jack optional standard standard
  Noise Audible Noise <40 dB at one meter <45 dB at one meter
RFI noise <10 dB at 0.2MHz <12 dB at 0.2MHz
  Communication Serial Interface RS 232 port optional
  Alarms/Display Mains Yellow LED Green Green
Standby Green LED (Common for all)
  Physical Back-up Red LED with buzzer (Common for all)
Dimensions(HxWxD) 15x10x25 cm 18x12x41 cm
Weight 6 Kg. 10.5 Kg. 11.5 Kg.
  Ambient Temperature O°C - 48°C
Humidity <95% RH
  Since product innovation is a continuous process at Elent, specifications are subject to
  change without notice

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