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  SCVS (Servo)
  (On-line UPS) PS/3-Series UPS | Eco-Series UPS | Max-Series UPS
  • True On-Line Double Conversion type UPS
  • High Frequency PWM design using IGBT/MOSFET
  • Compact and well engineered architecture
  • Ultimate protection against all power line disturbances
  • We de input voltage tolerance range
  • Suitable for all types and capacities of batteries
  • Neat and clean flat cable wiring
  • Pure Sinewave output
  • Smooth and silent operation
  • Complete annunciation on the front panel
  • Excellent dynamic response for step load change
  • Short circuit/overload protected
  • Fast correction rate for line and load regulation
  • High inrush/peak current loading capability
  • Computer communication compatibility as a standard feature
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Lowest running and operational expenditure
  • Superior performance to price analysis
  Rated Output Capacity   1 to 10 KVA Single Phase 5 to 120 KVA Three phase
  Input Voltage   160 - 270V AC Two Wire (single phase) OR 330 -
  470V AC Four Wire (three phase)
  Input Frequency   47 - 53 Hz
  Rectifier - Charger   Automatic Float cum Boost Charger, Constant
  Voltage Constant Current type
  Battery type & Back-up   SMF/Tubular or any other type for 15 mins. to 5.0
  Output Voltage   220/230v AC
  Regulation   1% under all Line and Load Conditions
  Output Frequency   50.0Hz
  Regulation   0.25%
  Inverter Efficiency   Better than 85%
  Waveform   Sinewave
  Distortion   THD less than 5% (optional 3%), Any Single
  Harmonic less than 3%
  Transient Response   6% under Step Load change of 80%
  Transient Recovery   90% within Two and Half Cycles, 100% within Three
  to Four Cycles
  Load Power Factor   0.6
  Overload Capacity   120% for 10 mins., 150% for 10 sec.
  Control Method   Sinusoidal PWM Control
  Switching Frequency   3.2 KHz to 25.6 KHz
  Circuit Method   On-line Double Conversion UPS, Zero Transfer time
  Ambient Temperature   0- 50°C
  Relative Humidity   95% RH Max. (Non Condensing)
  Audible Noise   Less than 55 dB at 1.5 metres
  Cooling   Forced Air Type
  Since product innovation is a continuous process at Elent, specifications are subject to
  change without notice

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